Sunday, May 16, 2010

My New Brother

Several nights ago when Sasha and I arrived back to CRP, there was a skinny young boy sitting outside in the garden area in front of the house curled up with his backpack. As Sasha informed me that many people would come to the door asking for food and money, and most obviously we cannot help them all, I was hesitant to let the boy in the house as I did not recognize him as being someone we or CRP was familiar with. Seconds later, the doorbell rang. When Sasha recognized the boy through the window, she immediately let me know it was okay for us to bring him into the house, and the boy began to weep. This young man who had been waiting for nearly three hours in front of the house that night, Iraqi and a victim of domestic violence, is now part of my family. He is my new brother, and cares and looks out for me as I am his sister.

While not necessarily in the general description of CRP's work, CRP attempts to help Iraqis living in Jordan in any way possible. Although the situation will not be fixed overnight, Sasha and I were able to talk with the boy and his family and put into place both a short and long-term plan to resolve the issues as agreed upon by all. Meeting this young man, more amazing and brave then most people I know, has truly deepened my understanding of what Sasha is here to do. This experience helped me to better understand why it is so crucial that every individual be given as much time as needed to address his or her unique situation, and why the work of CRP in general is so important to all Iraqis young and old. The CRP center has become a safe haven for many Iraqis, and it is a great privilege and honor to be working with such an amazing community and for such an extraordinary organization.

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